All the benefits of laver led to the increase of consumtion of this „super food“ , Therefore, it exceeded the limits of macrobiotic with whom was most commonly assotiated with. This priceless seafood has a very pleasent taste and its caracterized by a mild salty flavor.

Sea weed exists from the begining of life on earth and its well known that many long- lived people from diferent cultures consumed laver on a daily basis.

Seaweeed are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids so they have an enviable amount of nutritive values. Also, they are a natural saurce od jodineand calcium. Many studies have proved that consumtion of laver is beneficial to the dygestive sistem, it can help regulate thyrode hormons and also is well known for helping with the regulation of body fat and excess weight.

Ofcourse, you should be carefull and follow the instructions of daily dosis on every product.

There are many ways you can use laver:

  • As an addition to your salads
  • As a snack, wright from the package
  • As an addition to your soups (miso soup mostly)
  • As addition to rice, but also to all other kinds of dishes