“Karađorđeva” Schnitzel cannot compete with this.  We are used to traditional rolled meat, without much creativity, and usual ingredients.  Using Kikkoman, Luka Chef completely  left the traditional niche of preparation and ingredients, and still, he made rolled meat.  With a good piece of meat, healthy everyday ingredients, decreasing large amount of salt used in traditional rolled meat and instead enriching the dish with Kikkoman sauces, he served this dish in his own style, different of what you would expect.
You can be like a celebrity chef too.  How simple is it? Just see below.

Stuffed Beef Schnitzel (4 portions)


  • Fresh Brocolli (60 gr)
  • Rocket Salad (15 gr)
  • Chicory Salad (15 gr)
  • Bell Pepper – Red (80 gr)
  • Fresh Baby Spinach (10 gr)
  • Baby  Carrots (40 gr)
  • Baby  Zucchini (40 gr)
  • Spring Radish (25 gr)
  • Soy oil for frying (20 ml)
  • Fresh micro herbs (5 gr)
  • Edible flowers (8 pcs)


  • Beef Steak (900 gr)
  • Dried Apples (50 gr)
  • Smoked, dried beef (smoked meat ) (40 gr)
  • Kikkoman  Ponzu –Lemon Sauce  (15 ml)
  • Sake (15 ml)
  • Haloumi cheese  (80 gr)
  • Wheat flour (40 gr)
  • Corn Starch (15 gr)


  • Jasmin rice (225 gr)
  • Onion (100 gr)
  • Soy oil (for frying)   (20 ml)
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce Regular (20 ml)

Slightly fry one whole onion in soy oil in a deeper dish, then added previously washed jasmine rice and glaze it by stirring continuously, until you feel “squeaking” under your stirring spatula. Pour hot water over rice in ratio 1 : 2 (twice as much water over rice), spice it with Kikkoman Soy Sauce Regular, stir well, then cover and cook over lowest heat for about 20 minutes.  Remove from heat and leave it covered to cool halfway through, then take out the onion , and with a two-spiked fork mix the rice to reach and raise volume, then cover again and leave it to cool, until served.

Cumin Soy Sauce:

  • Cumin powder (5 gr)
  • Red Onion (100 gr)
  • Neutral Sour Cream (350 ml)
  • Kikkoman  Soy Sauce Regular (20 ml)

Warm up a deeper dish and spray soy oil for frying.  Add finely chopped red onion, pour Kikkoman soy sauce, neutral sour cream, cumin powder and cook it while occasionally stirring, to reach about one third of its original volume.  Remove from heat but in a warm place until serving time.

Red Wine – soy sauce:

  • Kikkoman  Soy Sauce regular (25 ml)
  • Red Wine (400 ml)
  • Soy butter (220 gr)
  • Neutral Sour Cream (300 ml)

In a deeper dish, pour red wine and when boiling, reduce it to about 50% of its original amount, add Kikkoman soy sauce, neutral sour cream and soy butter, then cook with occasional stirring until we reach about a half of its original volume.  Leave aside in a warm place until serving time.

Preparation: Mix Kikkoman Ponzu-Lemon, Sake and a little bit of water, and macerate dried apples for about 10-15 minutes in ceramic or glass dish.

Put stretch foil on both sides of thinly sliced beef steaks.  Smash the meat with meat tenderizer until it is very thin, making sure that meat tissue doesn’t rip.  Add very thin leaves of smoked beef on the front side of the schnitzel, then macerated apples and on top of them Haloumi sticks.  Bend the edges to the  center, and then carefully using meat spatula, roll the schnitzels.

Sprinkle the cutting board with oil, and continue rolling until all sides and joints of the stuffed schnitzel are perfectly closed.  Leave it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Divide Broccoli into small florets and poach it in hot boiling water for about 1-2 minutes, then immediately shock it with ice-cold water, to protect the Chlorophyll from oxidation and change of color.

Clean the baby carrots, and cut it into thin strips with a peeler.  Repeat the same cooking process used for Broccoli.

Wash Baby Zucchini and cut the bottom and the top with a knife, and then using a peeler, cut thin layers lengthwise. Again, use the same cooking method as above, but this time, do not cook over 1 minute.

Cut the red pepper into longer triangles and use the above cooking process, like we used on Broccoli.

Roll the Zucchini and Carrot in a cigar shape and dip it in hot water together with Broccoli and Paprika.  It will warm up faster, and it will stay hot until serving time.

Method: In a preheated grill-pan, grill stuffed beef schnitzels – all four sides, then decrease the heat, cover and grill a few more minutes.  Occasionally uncover and turn sides so that it is evenly grilled. On a warm, rectangular serving plate pour a little bit of wine sauce, and using a spoon, sharply hit the plate to create a unique “splash pattern” on that part of it. On the center part of the plate, using to spatulas, place Risotto in a rectangular shape. On it, place a previously diagonally cut schnitzel, and on the bottom part, place the dip with cumin sauce. On both sides, place symmetrically hot carrot & Zucchini rolls, triangles of red pepper and Broccoli florets, and quickly, before the meal cools down, add in between micro herbs and edible flowers.