We have all eaten Club Sandwich of some kind, and we are aware that usually the ingredients are: Tomato, ham, cheese, french fries on the side, etc.  Just like in the following recipes, in this recipe too we will break the tradition, bring in the spring freshness and avoid industrial ingredients.  On the contrary, we will use only natural ingredients.

And why only one breakfast? Why not 2 in 1? Two fantastic recipes joined into one breakfast, rich with healthy ingredients, high in energy to keep you up all morning and so tasteful that you will either remember it for a long time, or make it very often.

Read and watch how easy it is to use Kikkoman sauces in your meals and enrich & highlight your culinary imagination.  Who better to explain easiness of usage than our famous Celebrity Chef, Dragan Lukić – Luka Chef.

Marinated Fish Club Sandwich (2 portions)

  • Integral  Toast      (8 pcs) (130 gr)
  • Catfish fillet ( or other fish)  (80 gr)
  • Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce with Roasted  Garlic  (10 ml)
  • Kikkoman  Ponzu-Lemon    (8ml)
  • Soya Mayonnaise   (15ml)
  • Black olives ( Kalamata) (20 gr)
  • Green Salad    (20 gr)
  • Bell Pepper – Yellow   (65gr)
  • Fresh radish (10gr)
  • Fresh Chives  (5 gr)
  • Fresh Baby Spinach (5 gr)
  • Tofu (50 gr)
  • Sesame oil (4 ml)
  • Soy oil for cooking (in spray)  (8 ml)
  • Bamboo skewers, shorter curled on top   (8 pcs)
  • Fresh micro herbs (3 gr)
  • Edible flowers (6 pcs)
  • Baby potatoes (250 gr)

Preparation: Cut the fish into two very thin fillets. Brush the fish with Kikkoman Ponzu Lemon on both sides and leave for 15 minutes to macerate in a ceramic or glass dish. In the similar dish, mix soy mayo and Kikkoman Teriyaki Roasted Garlic sauce in one smooth paste. Rip the leaves of lettuce and wash them thoroughly under running water, than drain them.Clean the baby potatoes, wash them, and until use, keep them in water so they don’t turn dark. Before cooking, drain and dry the potatoes.  Cut the yellow bell pepper lengthwise in 4 equal pieces, remove seeds. Cut Tofu into thin slices,  pour over a little bit of Kikkoman Ponzu Lemon Sauce and marinate for about 15 minutes. Mix sesame and soy oil and put this mixture in a spray pump/bottle.

Method: On a medium heated grill-pan spray the oil mixture and then sauté the fillets of fish on both sides very shortly.  Then, bring up the heat, spray with more oil mixture and shortly fry the fillets of paprika, add a little bit of soy sauce and reduce the boiling liquids, then set the paprika aside.  Grill toasts on both sides. Fry Baby potatoes in a little bit of oil, until they turn golden. Put the lid on and continue frying with occasional stirring. Coat all four toasts with prepared Kikkoman Garlic paste. On three pieces of toast add a leaf of green lettuce and one piece of grilled paprika. On only one toast add sautéed fillets of fish and on the other one add the fried Tofu.
Now, add these ready toasts one on top of the other, but with Tofu being in the middle, and the last one on top will be the fourth one which was only coated. Press the toasts lightly with hands so that the ingredients inside are fixated, and then using a bamboo skewer, with olive on the top, poke through the entire sandwich. Using a bread knife, cut the sandwich diagonally into the “X” shape. To serve, put a decorative napkin on a plate, on it in the middle put the bowl with potatoes, and around it on four sides, lay vertically pieces of Club Sandwich, making sure that the olives are on the outer sides. Symmetrically between the sandwiches add micro herbs add slices of lime.