Worchester Sauce “Bulldog” 500ml

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Worchester Sauce “Bulldog” 500ml

Worchester Sauce “Bulldog” is a famous japanese sauce of even more famous brand, which is used in various cuisines all over the world now.  It can be used in seafood dishes, meat dishes, even in cocktails.  It is rich in fruity, spicy and sweet flavours.


Nett weight: 500ml
Country of Origin: Japan
Transport box contents: 20 pcs.



At the beginning of the twentieth century, when western food was starting to spread in Japanese homes, a shop called Misawaya (now Bull-Dog Sauce, established in 1902) developed a sauce that would suit Japanese tastes based on Worcestershire Sauce. It succeeded not as a cooking ingredient or secret ingredient, but as condiment used as is on western foods like cutlets and fried foods. After that, as "Bull-Dog Sauce" began to reach Japanese homes, it greatly impacted the development of Japanese food culture, starting with tonkatsu.