Olive oil with white truffles – 40ml

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Olive oil with white truffles – 40ml

Extra virgin olive oil combined with white or black truffles will enrich your every meal and give it a fullness of taste and smell.


Damar Truffles

DamarConfit is a company engaged in processing and selling fresh truffles, with the main objective to present the Serbian truffle, with its superior characteristics, to the whole world. In recent years, propelled by the love of truffles and a strong will to achieve the goal, opening of new markets is enabled, better positioning and marketing – which is the basis for our further development. Through permanent technological improvements, an unusual recipe is developed, so designed as to preserve the natural properties of truffles, but also to provide the maximum flavor and aroma. Through business improvement and innovation portfolio, we manage to establish a relationship of trust towards the market and the consumers.