Mississippi BBQ Sauce- Sweet & Spicy 510gr

/, Tex-Mex/Mississippi BBQ Sauce- Sweet & Spicy 510gr

Mississippi BBQ Sauce- Sweet & Spicy 510gr

The real one.

 True taste.

Never too smoky, all-purpose, pleasant and perfectly spiced sauce.


All-purpose sauce – without overpowering aroma of smoke and gluten free!

Mississippi bbq sauce contains no artificial ingredients and additives.

Perfectly combines with meat. What particularly distinguishes this barbecue sauce from the rest is that it contains no cholesterol and no monosodium glutamate. 

It has a high flash point – less likely to burn the sauce.


It won the prize for the tastiest BBQ Sauce in America.


Mississipi BBQ

The American dream still does exist. As a truck driver running up and down the Mississippi river, I’ve eaten in most every rib joint and barbecue shack along the way. In all those miles, I never did find the perfect barbecue sauce. So, I spent years coming up with the perfect combination of all natural flavors, then sold my rig to finance my dream of making the  best barbecue ever. Thick and  savory, Mississippi barbecue sauce blends the sweetness of Chicago, the mellow tang of Memphis, and the spices of New Orleans. -Norm Vaughan