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Kikkoman sushi sauce 1l

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Kikkoman sushi sauce 1l

• A classic Japanese nishing sauce –
ideal not only for sushi but for all kinds
of grilled foods and as a dipping sauce
or condiment
• Gives the foods an attractive dark
sheen and a rich, sweet-savory flavor
• Labor saving and ready-to-use

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Our classic Japanese finishing sauce –
perfect not only for sushi but also as a fi nal
decorative touch for snacks and fi nger
foods. You can use it for your Kabayaki style
eel but also for other grilled or fried fish and
meat. This high viscosity sauce will give
your food a dark glaze and work perfectly
also as a dipping sauce or one of its ingredients.
It’s a labor saving ready-to-use
solution: just brush it on after cooking
or during the last few minutes of grilling,
roasting or broiling.



Kikkoman is one of only a few genuine soy sauce brands. It is known and appreciated by people all over the world for its quality. For centuries now, naturally brewed soy sauce has been used to season Asian cuisine, predominantly in Japan. Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce today enhances the flavour of foods in many different countries - from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and Asia to America. It is no coincidence that Kikkoman is the world soy sauce market leader.