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Kikkoman Ponzu (citrus soy sauce) 1l

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Kikkoman Ponzu (citrus soy sauce) 1l

• Light, tangy and refreshing; perfect as
dipping sauce for sashimi, carpaccio
and appetizers, dressing for fresh
salads and grilled foods but also
ideal as a fl avor boosting ingredient
in recipes of all kind
• Ready to use and delicious right from
the bottle to save labor, mixing and
• Low in calories (zero fat) and ideal
for healthy light sauces and dressings

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A blend of our Kikkoman Naturally Brewed
Soy Sauce, lemon juice and spices which
makes a unique combination of all tastes:
savory, salty, sweet, sour and tangy. It has
a light refreshing citrus fl avor and will bring
a fresh and vibrant tang to your food.
It is ideal for front-of-house as a table
seasoning for fresh salads, sashimi, carpaccio
and tartar steaks. Use it back-ofhouse
asa quick marinade for fi sh and poultry
oras an ingredient in your dressings,
dips and condiments. Ponzu makes the
perfect match with fresh and grilled vegetables,
mushrooms, fi sh and seafood,
boiled poultry and pork, dumplings, spring
rolls and fi nger food. Perfect for lighter,
healthy cooking due to its low carbohydrate
and salt content.



Kikkoman is one of only a few genuine soy sauce brands. It is known and appreciated by people all over the world for its quality. For centuries now, naturally brewed soy sauce has been used to season Asian cuisine, predominantly in Japan. Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce today enhances the flavour of foods in many different countries - from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and Asia to America. It is no coincidence that Kikkoman is the world soy sauce market leader.