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Gluten-free teriyaki marinade 250ml

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Gluten-free teriyaki marinade 250ml

With our Gluten-free Teriyaki Marinade, we ensure that all lovers of soy sauces who cannot tolerate gluten are able to enjoy their meat and vegetables in the distinctive teriyaki style. Whether as a marinade in the barbecue season or for adding to pan-fried food – this sauce gives dishes a unique savoury taste.

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Teriyaki – a classic of Japanese cuisine

Teriyaki is derived from the Japanese words “teri” (shine) and “yaki” (grilling, boiling) and is a Japanese method for cooking meat and fish. Here, the ingredients are marinated and then grilled or fried, which gives them a sweet-spicy flavour. Teriyaki is not only reserved for Japanese cuisine. It is also perfect for our grilled classics.

Our recommendation: To prepare a quick meal: cut chicken breast into strips and marinate with teriyaki gluten-free soy sauce. Then fry at high heat and douse with a little sauce. Goes particularly well with rice or salad. Incidentally, our Gluten-free Teriyaki Marinade is also perfect as a dip.



Kikkoman is one of only a few genuine soy sauce brands. It is known and appreciated by people all over the world for its quality. For centuries now, naturally brewed soy sauce has been used to season Asian cuisine, predominantly in Japan. Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce today enhances the flavour of foods in many different countries - from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and Asia to America. It is no coincidence that Kikkoman is the world soy sauce market leader.