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Four seasons peppercorn 100gr (50/1)

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Four seasons peppercorn 100gr (50/1)

Packaging: 100gr (50/1)

Origin: Black pepper (Vietnam); white pepper (Indonesia) green pepper (India); red pepper (Brazil)

Brands:Top Spices


A mixture of 4 kinds of first class peppercorns will give a special flavor to your meat and vegetarian dishes. This mixture is best used in the final stages of meal preparation or just before serving so the aroma of the peppercorn can be felts at its highest intensity.


Top Spices

The TOP Spices brand consists of spices, spice blends, mixtures for food products, food additives and special carefully selected and top quality additives for molecular cuisine . All products are first class, packed and manufactured in the EU, in unique doypack bags, very suitable for use in the kitchen.Doypack pouches maintain the spices fresh much longer than other packaging.Also, it is particularly important to note that they do not emit scents. By offering special mixtures such as ,, Mint & Yogurt ", ,, Lemon balm & Dill" , "Cinnamon and Fenugreek" and many other spices and spice mixes we stand out by having innovative and top quality products. 


Stop Spices was founded by mr Viktor Van Nieuwenhove, who was born in Brakel, in a butchers’ family. As a teacher at the local butcher’s school, he was creating various blends, based on spices and aromatic herbs which he grinded and blended by himself. He distributed those products to the butchers in his region. After various researches, Mr Van Nieuwenhove developed a product which had limited the usage of harmful sulphite.


Mr Willem Van Damme took over the company Stop and the distribution and sales market were not limited anymore to Brakel and its surroundings, but extended everywhere in Flanders and in a part of Wallonia. During the years he acquistted some other companies.


In June 1989 Stop Spices purchased a new industrial building located at an industrial site in Dendermonde, as a scope the centralization of all the branches and offices.


Stop Spices’s own R&D department has developed the TTS system for thermal treatment of herbs, spices and dried vegetables.


The site has been enlarged by 1200m2 for production and warehousing.


Stop Spices has obtained the BRC Certificate High Level.


Stop Spices exists 60 years! Thanks to her loyal clients, employees and suppliers the company was able to grow to a dynamic SME and be able to manage the challenges in a fast evoluating society.. Now days our own R&D department is still searching for the innovations in the spices and herbs world.