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Aged wine vinegar 250ml

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Aged wine vinegar 250ml

– Selected quality RESERVE
– Aged more than 8 years in barrels of oak
– Produced by traditional methods of the Montilla region (Cordoba, Southern Spain)


It aged more then 8 years in barrels of oak, which added to the vinegar special flavour and colour.

It is produced according to traditional methods and recipes of the region of Montilla, provincial part of Cordoba, Southern Spain. These recipes are kept in strict confidence among Montillo natives.



Valle De Ricote

In our “Almazara-Valle de Ricote” we bet on quality In our "Almazara- Valle de Ricote" bet on the quality of our extra virgin olive oil. We keep the entire process, from the olive harvest in the optimal point, to the storage period in a special premises designed for the product, and all of this closely going through the process of manufacture in our facilities, where olive oil is drained at very low temperatures, between 20 and 28 degrees. This procedure filtration at low temperatures is obtained by a small amount of oil, or superior quality and that make us different from all others.

 One of the main values ​​of our company is the attitude towards the product. We are always trying to relate to the raw material with maximum respect, as reflected in the quality of the final product, our extra virgin olive oil.