During the last days of the state of emergency and the police curfew declared because of the Covid-19 we’ve had an amazing privilege and enormous luck.  We have had incredibly dynamic and exciting few days of shooting 6 video recipes and enjoying in the culinary art of our very good friend, Celebrity Chef Dragan Lukić, aka Luka Chef.

We have already cherished tips and tricks of such a professional, among which very important advices about of using Kikkoman in basically every meal we make.  What are the advantages of using Kikkoman naturally fermented soy sauces? How easily can we “the mortals” in the kitchen achieve the highest heights of each aroma in each meal we make, and at least for a second feel like culinary professionals, only by using Kikkoman?  These and many more questions have been answered.

Starting tomorrow, enjoy with us in the culinary magic, offered to both professionals and amateurs and home or own chefs through 6 amazing recipes. The quality, the tastes and the easiness in using Kikkoman products are highlighted by the culinary skills of a such a treasury of knowledge – Chef Dragan Lukić.

Also, all of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our wonderful partners in business, Harmonija Catering, who’s amazing kitchen we used during the presentation and video shooting of these meals. Really, a special thanks to you, our longtime partners, to Dragan Lukić – our friend above all,  and our star among our brands, Kikkoman.

Follow us in the next days, as on the last day, we’ve prepared a special thanks for your attention!

Bon Appetit!